Two Kids On Rope

‘The family should move in an ever-widening circle of experience in which parents and child develop together’ The Peckham Experiment (1943) forms part of our wider experiment to create and recognise spaces in which children, teenagers and adults can live, work and play along-side each other.

Emily, in her work at the Institute of Education, London, reads, writes and speaks about examples of people and places which challenge our current assumptions about children,  education and social change – and give us ideas about how things could be different.

She has recently published an article in Pedagogica Historica about the Peckham Experiment, anarchism and education.  Last year, she submitted a dissertation about children’s experiences in the anarchist Whiteway Colony during the 1930s. She is now writing a PhD about children’s experiences of building their own environments in the past and present.

We would be very interested to hear from you if you have any suggestions or examples of places from the past or the present which show how children and adults can live and learn alongside each other.

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