List of writing by Emily Charkin

  • A talk about radical education and building, given at the Homer Lane centenary conference, November 2013.
  • An article published in Reforesting Scotland, summer 2013, about the building of the woodland shelter in Dorset.
  • A dissertation about children’s experiences in the anarchist Whiteway Colony in Gloucestershire during the 1930s and how they cast light on ideas of educative community.
  • An article published in Other Education, summer 2013, An ethnography of a mixed-age woodland building site
  • Talk given at Housman’s Bookshop event about Leila Berg’s contribution to radical education, May 2013
  • Presentation given at History of Education Conference, November 2012, ‘Drunk on all this companionship’: Leila Berg and her rebel networks (1917-2012)
  • Presentation given at Anarchist Studies Network Conference, September 2012, ‘I grew up with anarchist ideas’: the lives of children in anarchist communities.
  • Presentation given at EERA conference in Lisbon, June 2012, A new social order: children’s experiences in rural collectives during the Spanish Civil War.
  • Article published in Mother Earth, Spring 2012, The path not taken’: self-government, community and the freedom school at the Peckham Health Centre (1935-1950) based on essay which won the Mary Langman essay prize in 2011.
  • Presentation given at History of Education Society Annual Conference in Glasgow in November 2011, ‘He swings where there is space’: physical freedom as education in the Peckham Health Centre (1935-1950)
  • Article published in Comment is Free section of The Guardian website, 30th August 2011: For a real free school look to postwar Peckham
  • Review of Colette’s Republic: Work, Gender and Popular Culture in France, 1870-1914 by Patricia A. Tilburg (2009) in Women’s Studies International Forum (2011) 34/5, p477-478
  • Talk given at Colin Ward event in Cambridge in March 2011 ‘A parable of the way things ought to be’: Colin Ward, the Peckham Health Centre and the history of educational ideas.
    A chapter based on this talk is due to be published in a Routledge book about Colin Ward in early 2014.
  • Contribution to a live debate about Coalition education proposals on the BBC news channel in Spring 2010.