Holiday Home, France

A restored barn for parties, a playhouse in the trees, a converted loft to maximise sleeping capacity, a tepee for the more outdoorsy and a spacious kitchen for serving up meals for all these people.

Barn Hammering Tipi

Woodland Shelter, Dorset

A beautiful and peaceful shelter and meeting place for a local woodland kindergarten school and other community and education events.

Woodland shelter plans Woodland Shelter volunteers Woodland Shelter

Tree-house, Kent

A chestnut frame platform and roof where adults can sip their drinks while watching the sun set or the rain fall and children sliding down the zip-wire from the crows-nest across the rope-bridge.

Tree-house Kentish tree-house Children de-barking trees

Co-housing, London

A derelict building converted into three flats with a glazed side passage and a shared garden for family and friends to live and work in.

Co-housing shared garden Richmond Rd external view outside1

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